November 21, 2009

My poor baby is teething so bad. If he doesn't have a pacifier in his mouth he's constantly gnawing on his hands and drooling. Guess I need to make sure I have plenty of bibs and stock in teething tablets. I think he started teething around 8 weeks like his big brother. Wonder when his teeth will actually sprout.

Corgan is growing up to be quite a big boy. He went fishing with Daddy today for the first time alone. Daddy said he did really good. He was a little scared still of the motor. He didn't catch any fish but he loved the crickets. I'm glad that the two of them have something they can get out and do together. I bought Corgan some Pull-Ups while they were gone. He was so excited to put them on when he got home. They have Cars characters on them. That's one of his favorite movies. His favorite character is Mater but he's one of the few not on the Pull-Ups. I don't think he seems to mind. I'm hoping to get him potty trained soon. He was trained part of the way for at least 3 weeks and regressed. I didn't change poopy diapers for at least 3 weeks! I loved it. Now to figure out how to get that back along with him peeing in the potty as well.

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Julie said...

Oh, the joys of potty training... That's the one part of having little ones that I DON'T miss... I would rather change diapers than potty train. *lol*