April 18, 2012

5K update!

I did my first 5K this past Saturday! It was so much fun! I started it out jogging...and it felt GREAT! So great that I pushed to see how far I could go running before walking. I wore my MOTOACTV and listened to a local radio station during the race. I wish it had been the Christian station but it wouldn't pick up even though I was really close to the studio. :( I was able to run the first 7 mins....a half mile. I think I only stopped because I got to that half mile mark. I didn't need to stop...so I need to work on pushing it a little more. After that 7 mins I walked approx. 1 min-2 mins and then jogged again for a few mins. I tried to keep that interval going...walking a few and jogging a few. I think only once did I walk for more than a few mins. I would say that I ran about 70% of it - maybe more. Not bad for my first 5K or considering I had bronchitis the week before and was only able to run 1 time in the 2 weeks before. I finished in a time of 46:58. I had a first goal for 50 mins. I kept an eye on my MOTOACTV and saw that it could be possible to beat 45 mins so I pushed a little harder. However right at the very end I started getting a side a cramp....so I walked it out as best I could. I did run across the finish line! :)

I started C25K over this week. I will finish it this time and be able to run even longer distances without stopping. I'm hoping to be able to share running with my husband and kids as well. Running is something that Marshall used to do and that he misses. I also plan to get bikes for the both of us so we can have other ways to exercise as a family. It's very important to us to instill good exercise habits in our kids so they don't end up overweight. Exercise will help us all to have better attitudes with each other as well.

I need to look over my 30x30 list cause we're almost down to the last month before I turn 30! I haven't done good on my Bible reading at all. That should've been the number 1 thing to complete on that list so I'm going to have to get back on it big time.