May 05, 2012

100th post

I can't believe I only have 100 posts. I'm not a very good blogger..haha. This post is my 100th post though so it needs to be a good one! We are advisors with Advocare. I've used the products off and on the last couple years. I'm at a plateau with my weight loss where I'm losing motivation. So I had Marshall order me the stuff for the 24 Day Challenge...and he has decided to do the challenge with me!! I can't wait to see how this sparks weight loss for both of us. I also believe it will help motivate us since we're doing it together. The first 10 days we will do an Herbal Cleanse and use Spark (energy drink). Days 11-24 we'll use MNS Max 3 (vitamins and amino acids - for maximum energy and appetite control) and Meal Replacement Shakes (1 meal/snack). We will also add Catalyst to help with maximum results for workouts. I will do a full measurements and starting weight post before I start. I am still running 3 times a week. I will start Couch 2 5K week 3 this week. I restarted the program to get all the way through it. I've done pretty good so far. Need to make a plan on how to manage the hot temps and running. Might have to start doing it before the sun gets up. That'll be a hard one for me. I like my sleep a little too much. :) I am debating about adding Slim In 6 again or going with Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. We'll see. Right now I have a bad pain in my right shoulder/upper back I need to get better before I do anything other than running. I eventually will be adding bike riding with the family. Gotta find a bike first. Slowly making more progress on my 30x30 list. I only have 2 weeks from tomorrow til my birthday so I need to get to work! :)