December 09, 2008

Wow it's been so long since I've posted. Sorry about that. We've been so busy. We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with my Dad's side of the family at my Aunt's house. Corgan had a blast! My cousin, his wife, and their 3 boys got to come so Corgan and the boys played....but 4 boys under one roof was CRAZY! hehe We then celebrated with my Mom's side of the family the Sunday after Thanksgiving at Ryan's Steakhouse. We weren't able to celebrate with Marshall's family. His uncle is in the hospital. He's not doing well. Please keep him in your prayers. His name is Glenn. He has 2 strands of staph infection and deading of his heart. Last I heard they're looking at moving him into a home and said he'll never be the same. It's sad. Marshall's grandmother has been up there a lot. His grandfather isn't doing well so he hasn't been going up there. We're going to visit with them for his grandfather's birthday on Sunday. Not sure what Christmas will look like for us. We won't be celebrating with my Dad's side of the family. We may have to start some traditions at home with just the three of us....while praying for our loved ones.

This past Friday I got my Photographer's business license and made my dream a REALITY! I've started my photography business. I'm so excited about it. My background stand, backgrounds, and lighting equipment is coming in today. I need to order my business cards. My website is being worked on by Marshall. I LOVE it but can't wait till it's completely finished out. I have a session tonight. I'm doing family portraits and then 6 months portraits for the baby. I can't wait. This is such a photogenic family. Then I'll be doing a newborn session on Friday and another one next week.

I've been having problems with someone taking our newspaper. I'm tempted to call the newspaper to see what we need to do. It's upsetting to have your newspaper taken when you're a coupon cutter. I've made do though. I have several that I need to cut and put in my Couponizer (see link on right to order one!) to make the most of my savings.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!