July 02, 2008

How disappointing! I made a run to Kroger last night because Corgan was almost out of milk plus I wanted to make the crackers that we made at the Tupperware rally last night! I was too cheap to pay $3.99 for a gallon so I got a half gallon. Not exactly the smartest but oh well! I was disappointed though cause I didn't save not even a penny! It has been so long since I've paid full price for anything.

So I'll leave you with the recipe that caused me to pay full price.

Firehouse Crackers

1 1/2 cups of canola oil
2-3 tbsp of crushed red pepper
1 packet of dry ranch dressing
3 sleeves of Premium crackers

Combine oil, red pepper and ranch dressing packet in Quick Shake. Put the crackers in the Season Serve Container and pour the oil mixture on top. Place the seal on the Season Serve and flip it a couple times to allow the mixture to coat the crackers. After it's nicely covered, open and enjoy!!

June 30, 2008

Beat The Heat Summer Contest

Just a simple contest to win the ultimate bumGenius starter kit!

June 29, 2008

First, the best news is that I have promoted back up to manager for Tupperware!!! YAY!! So I'll be getting a nice commission check in a couple weeks direct deposited to my account. Woohoo!! I sure love commissions!

I did my Sunday Publix run today! Here's what I got:
*3 boxes of General Mills cereal BOGO FREE plus I used a coupon
*1 16 oz package of Tennessee Pride sausage - used coupon
*penny item - bag of tortilla chips
*new razor for me - used coupon
*shaving gel for me - used coupon

Total OOP: $16.03 Savings: $16.68

Looks like I've got saving 50% taken care of. Now it's time to step it up and see how much I can get for the lowest amount OOP.