August 16, 2008

I've scored lately with my groceries. Kroger has had some really good deals with the Nestle Instant Rebate. When you buy $20 worth of participating items you get a $5 instant rebate.

On Friday I went to Kroger with Jenny and got 8 bottles of Juicy Juice. I used 7 coupons for $1 off.
OOP: $9.60

Then last night I went again and got some odds and ends and spent $33 I think.

Today I met up with my mom at a different Kroger than usual. I was not happy with them though since they wouldn't take my competitors coupons. So on the way home I called my Kroger store and they said they'd take them. They gave me $14 cash for my coupons.
Here's the rundown:
*12 boxes of Lean Pockets - used 10 $1 off coupons from Target plus $5 instant rebate
*10 boxes of Lean Cuisine - used 3 $1.50 off coupons plus $5 instant rebate
*box of Puffs tissues for my snotty nose boy - used $0.25 coupon doubled
*1 South Beach pizza - used $2 IP coupon
*4 boxes of South Beach Tide Me Over Drink Mix - used 4 $2 off IP coupons (earned $3 catalina - used on this transaction since I paid for the SB stuff first)
*Sobe Water drink (FREE with catalina coupon someone left last night hehe)
OOP: $18.41 Savings: $57.20 (may be a little off cause I couldn't find my SB receipt)

We have PLENTY in our deep freeze now! We're going to get frozen veggies from Marshall's grandparents' house tomorrow to add to it. This will help me even more in the next couple weeks for groceries.