June 26, 2010


Corgan has been fully potty trained for several months now. We still have some accidents but overall he's done great! I think we're pretty much night trained now as well! He only had one accident at night this past week! So he was treated to Build A Bear He made a monkey that he named Funky Monkey. Oh the adventures those 2 had yesterday. Funky Monkey went out to eat with us last night and even helped Mommy and Daddy drive...hehe. Corgan is getting a lot more vocal and makes lots of sentences. He's a talking machine. He just celebrated his 3rd birthday on the 18th. We had his party at the church on the 19th. It rained so I think that scared a lot of people away but we still had a good crowd. He got way more presents than he needed but he had lots of fun! :)

Keelan is now pulling up on things instead of just people. He tries to practically climb up things. It's cute. He now has 8 teeth. He can wave. He says Hey, Bye Bye and Dada consistently. No MaMa just yet. He must just be saving the best for last. :) He won't quite stand alone just yet but we're working on it. His crawl is a one arm and one leg army crawl. Don't let it fool you though because he can get around quite fast! He loves his hair. You can see him pulling on it and shaking his head to make it spin. I'm constantly pulling it out of his face but I think he likes it in his face cause he'll shake his head and get it back in his eyes as soon as I move it. He's definitely a little rascal. He's got quite the determination and attitude. He'll let you know if he does or doesn't like something. He is still very much attached to his paci but doesn't have to have it. He went all night last night without it! YAY!

Marshall and I are both on our way to getting healthy. We just bought lots of Advocare products to get us started right. I'll be taking Fibo-Trim as well as drinking meal replacement shakes. Marshall is doing MNS - Maximum Appetite Control as well as a few other things with the shakes. To help keep me accountable I'm hoping to blog more. That will also help me to look back and see where I've come from.