January 07, 2015

Long lost blogger

Why hello there!  I am such a blogger slacker.  No real excuse cause it's not like I am not on my phone (or iPad or laptop).  :)

January always means new things to better myself.  Time and time again I have had good intentions but failed in my follow through.  At the beginning of the year God spoke the word Thrive to me.  The word was already in my head.  You see, I am attending a conference for my Young Living business in February this year.  (www.thethriveconference.com)  We've been talking about the word Thrive and what it means in our Facebook groups.  It's made me think deeper on it.  So much so that I am making 2015 my year to Thrive.

What does that mean?
This means
*that I am working harder to create, protect, and KEEP my quiet time with Bible reading along with completing the Bible in a year.
*that I am getting back to the gym (took a break a few months ago when I was sick and never got back) and sticking with it!
*that I am focusing more on my family.  Because of this I am taking a Facebook break right now for at least 21 days.  I chose this for our church-wide fast because I am horrible at being on Facebook way too often.  My house and parenting (along with marriage) shows for it too.  So it was something that needed to go.  I will have to set boundaries for sure after the fast is over.
*that I am living life to the fullest.  Making memories like it's the only day I have.  Tomorrow isn't guaranteed.
*that I am going to be a completer, finisher, conqueror this year!  I am tired of not completing what I want to finish.
*that I am doing this all with lots of accountability to keep pushing me forward

What about you?  Where can you focus on Thriving in life?  What goals do you want to complete in 2015?