January 16, 2010

Wow, the things that fasting and praying does. This week has been full of ups and downs. A few to include me getting locked out of the house and me breaking the juicer. The lockout was kinda funny. Tuesday afternoon I had taken the trash out and Corgan ran up behind me and shut the door. Before I could get back to the door he locked it. I was banging on the door and yelling his name. I guess maybe I scared him because he ended up locking himself up in his room! I was stuck outside in a short-sleeved shirt, pants and socks for almost an hour until Marshall got home. My feet were like ice cubes by the time he got home...brrrrr. Then on Thursday night I accidentally broke the juicer. I'd been doing a juice fast and also eating fruits and veggies. Well since then I've had to alter my plans. I've been making sure I'm eating healthy. That's a sacrifice for me cause we've been such unhealthy eaters. I'm hoping by the end of this fast that I won't want to quit eating healthy. I already find myself craving celery! :)

I noticed after I got out of the shower today that my long-term skin rash is just about gone!! Fasting has helped to heal my body. I've also lost weight. While those aren't my reasoning for fasting, they sure are a nice benefit.

January 12, 2010

Who can pray?
Anyone can pray, but only those who walk in faith and obedience to Christ can expect answers to their prayers. Contact with God begins when we receive Jesus into our lives as Savior and Lord (John 14:6). Praying with a clean heart is also vital to successful prayer. We cannot expect God to answer our prayers if there is any unconfessed sin in our life or if we are harboring an unforgiving spirit (Psalm 66:18; Mark 11:25). For God to answer our prayers, we must have a believing heart and ask according to His will (Matthew 9:29; 21:22; 1 John 5:14,15).

I read this today in my workbook for our Transformation 2010 21-day fasting and prayer. It really spoke to me so I wanted to share to whoever may be reading my blog these days. May God reveal to all of us if we any unconfessed sin in our lives or if we are harboring an unforgiving spirit. I pray that there isn't anything that is keeping us out of the will of God or keeping Him from answering our prayers.

I am trying to spend less time on the internet. I have done well so far. I even read the story of David and Goliath to Corgan and Keelan today. It felt good to read the Word with my kids. I plan to make that a habit. Now to search for a Bible version they will understand and listen to. I read out of my New King James Version today and I think it was a little confusing to him. Is there a version that you recommend when reading to kids? My kids are 2 1/2 and 5 months old.

It's time for our household to get more organized and on a schedule. I need it for my sanity. :) That is something I'm going to meditate on and pray for during this 21-day fast. Praying you all have a wonderful day. God bless!

January 10, 2010

I am taking part in a church and city-wide 21 day fast. I will be fasting most food but I'm adding in internet as well. I will still be blogging and email. No extra websites and no Facebook. This means I will not be visiting anyone else's blog so that I don't spend too much time online. Every time I get the urge to get online I will get my Bible out and read. I need to start a better habit of reading the Word. I plan to start reading it to Corgan too. He's getting older where he can understand and he loves to read. I want him to get a love for the Word. The theme for our year is Transformation 2010. We're doing unity services with other churches every so often to encourage and build the body. We will be impacting our city by sponsoring a school that is struggling. Throughout the year we will be able to impact their lives - teachers, administrative personnel and kids. What an impact this will make on our city!!! I'm ready for Transformation in all areas of my life! Please agree in prayer with me for not change but TRANSFORMATION!