January 10, 2010

I am taking part in a church and city-wide 21 day fast. I will be fasting most food but I'm adding in internet as well. I will still be blogging and email. No extra websites and no Facebook. This means I will not be visiting anyone else's blog so that I don't spend too much time online. Every time I get the urge to get online I will get my Bible out and read. I need to start a better habit of reading the Word. I plan to start reading it to Corgan too. He's getting older where he can understand and he loves to read. I want him to get a love for the Word. The theme for our year is Transformation 2010. We're doing unity services with other churches every so often to encourage and build the body. We will be impacting our city by sponsoring a school that is struggling. Throughout the year we will be able to impact their lives - teachers, administrative personnel and kids. What an impact this will make on our city!!! I'm ready for Transformation in all areas of my life! Please agree in prayer with me for not change but TRANSFORMATION!

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Carrie said...

I, too am taking a break from Facebook. And trying not to spend too much time online, either. I found myself getting online too much where I could be spending the time with my kids :) I think it's great that you will get out the Bible everytime you get the urge! Great advice!