July 06, 2012

Runner's high

Finally!  It is finally back!!  My runner's high that is....and maybe my blogger's high too (well maybe!).  Marshall was ordering pizza for supper tonight.  I knew that if I was going to eat it that I needed to run.  So I made myself get on the treadmill while the pizza was on the way.  I got in a quick 1.25 miles.  Most of that I ran too.  I pushed myself a little harder.  I had a little bit of arch pain and a cramp in my side.  So I focused on breathing, technique and drinking some water.  It helped the pains go away and I was able to run more.  I also got my MOTOACTV finally calibrated for the treadmill.  Now I can make sure to use it more when I do my treadmill runs!  I have a feeling that there will be lots of those this summer.  It's been so crazy hot here lately.  Course tonight was nice and cooler with a breeze.  Made me want to get out and do another run.  However there was some lightning nearby so that wouldn't have been a good idea.  :)

Both of the boys aren't feeling good.  Chest/head colds.  Coughs, snotty noses, gagging from drainage, and wheezing cries.  *sigh*  Poor babies.  I hope they both get to feeling much better!  Already seems like a better day today.  At least Corgan will take something to help.  They're both a bit whiny lately too....probably just from not feeling good.

So ready for a new goal so I'm challenging myself to lose 5 lbs by the 21st.  That's 2 weeks.  I'm going to be strict on myself again.  Eating much better, counting calories, drinking at least 95% water (the occasional coffee and tea....no carbonated drinks), and exercising regularly.  I have got to get my butt back in gear.  I think it will help my back and neck pain I've had for almost 2 months now.

11 weeks til Warrior Dash!!!  I WILL commit to finishing an exercise program whether it be Slim in 6, 30 Day Shred or Couch 2 5K.  That's another goal to have done before Warrior Dash.  I would love to be down 20 more lbs by the WD.  I can do it!!

July 05, 2012

*singing* Don't stop...Don't give up

Yes I am singing in that title.  Keelan is quite fascinated with Yo Gabba Gabba lately.  One of the songs on there is called Don't Give Up.  It's a quite catchy song....as they all are....and I find myself singing it.  Guess it could be a theme for me with my getting healthy journey.  I'm trying my hardest to get out of the slump but it's just getting harder and harder...and the days til Warrior Dash are getting closer and closer.  It doesn't help that I've been dealing with back and neck pain pretty bad for over a month or two now.  I, however, will not allow that excuse to validate an end to my journey!  It's NOT over!  So until I breath my last breath I will continue to sing "Keep trying.  Keep trying. Don't give up. Never give up."