January 28, 2010

Junk Mail - UPDATE!

I wish I could've written this post to say I won a new car but I cannot. We did however win 3 gold coins. They have George Washington on them and say $1. So I guess we won $3. Corgan was excited! Easily amused like his mom I guess. I can't wait for the day that we can afford a new bigger vehicle for me but until then I am very content with my paid off car that gets great gas mileage. :) Why mess with a good thing? It's just like our housing situation. We could use bigger space but the mobile home is almost paid off and we couldn't get a house for the price we're paying now. Sometimes it just pays off to be content with what you have till God blesses you and takes you elsewhere.

Junk Mail

I hate getting junk mail. Ever since we joined LifeLock we don't get near as much junk mail. One consistent thing we do get is the offers from local dealerships. I just got one yesterday with a gift card and key. I scratched off the little scratchpad to see I'm a winner! I called and reserved my prize. I'm sure it's nothing special. However we will take our key, gift card and mailer up to the dealership maybe later today. How nice would it be if my key would start the car which in this case is a 2010 Nissan Altima. I would love a new car but right now that's the only way I can afford it.

January 27, 2010

10 year reunion

I can't believe it's almost time for my high school 10 year reunion! I'm on the reunion committee and we've been busy getting everything situated for planning the events. We're doing it during the 4th of July weekend so those coming from out of town will have more time as most people will have a 3 day weekend. We'll do a family picnic and then a semi-formal event that night. We're doing a fun casino theme. I can't wait to see how that turns out. We've gotten the bank account situated, venue booked, and party pros taken care of. Since we're doing this ourselves it's lots of busy work but so worth it! We're meeting tonight with the caterer to pick out our menu. Things are coming together with our website too. We're in the process of collecting advertising for our reunion book along with raffle prizes. Now to figure out what business to contact. I've already thought of some direct sales companies. Some of the other girls have contacted big businesses along with restaurants.

January 26, 2010


Ok I don't think I even had any idea just how much jealousy Corgan would have over Keelan. Seems like it just continues to get worse. What can I do? I seriously need some BTDT moms to help me out! In the last few days Corgan has started biting and hitting Keelan pretty bad. :( It breaks my heart to hear my baby let out such a screeching yell. I know we're not neglecting Corgan by any means. He's even had Mommy-and-Me and Daddy-and-Me days. We've just got to get something straightened out soon!

Well I've gotta get back to cleaning and laundry. Plus I gotta figure out supper. :)

January 25, 2010

Tot School

I know I have posted about wanting to do Tot School before but I think it's time to really make it happen. So I'm on the hunt for some good resources to teach Corgan. Here's a little of what I want to teach him:
*Music - making music with different items around the house and listening to music. I want to give him a passion for praise and worship music.
*Math - Ok, so not actual math just yet but I want to teach him his numbers and learning to count. Then we could move into simple addition.
*Grammar - Letters first of course and then move into spelling and writing.
*Bible - A Bible story and application of it.
*Art - coloring, crafts, painting, etc.
*Science - not sure how we'll do this just yet other than the aspects of creation and the world around us
*Household - cooking, cleaning, etc. Maybe find a way to give him simple chores and tasks to complete.
*Health - This will include potty training, hygiene, and exercise.

That's just a few thoughts going through my mind right now. I need to start making a list of items we need from the store. Of course I have to think about where we'll store the items where I can keep them out of reach until we need them. This post is more about my brainstorming. Maybe it'll help someone to branch out to do more with their kids. Or maybe you have an idea to help me. Please share!

January 24, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

We had our first trip to Chuck E Cheese today for a birthday party for two pretty little girls Tavi and Nayah. Corgan really had a bunch of fun. I almost couldn't get him to eat pizza and cake! That was a shocker. When we got there we all went and played games. Marshall fed Keelan and I took Corgan to play games. He had fun playing all the different games.

Then it was time for pizza and cake. After that the girls opened a few presents. We all had a few tokens left to spend so we then spent the rest of them. It was almost hard to get Corgan to leave. When we got home he laid down with me and we both took a 3 hour nap! Wow! I can't remember the last time he took a nap or even that one that long! Hope he sleeps well tonight!

Here's a couple pictures of my boys enjoying themselves at Chuck E Cheese. :)

Enjoying his time with Daddy.

Corgan LOVED Chuck E! He wanted to follow him everywhere.

What a sweet present! :)