January 25, 2010

Tot School

I know I have posted about wanting to do Tot School before but I think it's time to really make it happen. So I'm on the hunt for some good resources to teach Corgan. Here's a little of what I want to teach him:
*Music - making music with different items around the house and listening to music. I want to give him a passion for praise and worship music.
*Math - Ok, so not actual math just yet but I want to teach him his numbers and learning to count. Then we could move into simple addition.
*Grammar - Letters first of course and then move into spelling and writing.
*Bible - A Bible story and application of it.
*Art - coloring, crafts, painting, etc.
*Science - not sure how we'll do this just yet other than the aspects of creation and the world around us
*Household - cooking, cleaning, etc. Maybe find a way to give him simple chores and tasks to complete.
*Health - This will include potty training, hygiene, and exercise.

That's just a few thoughts going through my mind right now. I need to start making a list of items we need from the store. Of course I have to think about where we'll store the items where I can keep them out of reach until we need them. This post is more about my brainstorming. Maybe it'll help someone to branch out to do more with their kids. Or maybe you have an idea to help me. Please share!

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