February 26, 2014

Tonsillectomy - Day 1

I wanted to keep a record of the days for my personal record and to help anyone else about to have a tonsillectomy.  I am 31 years old, almost 32. I am overweight and not as active as I would like

Stayed up til at least 11:30 last night eating and drinking. The last couple weeks I have had a cough so I was worried about not being able to have water after midnight.

I was up by just before or right at 5 am.  I got ready and then got the boys up. We dropped Corgan off at a neighbor's house so he catch the bus from their house for school.

We got to the hospital at 6. They were pretty quick getting me registered and in to pre-op. Our pastor came and prayed with us. (Thanks Pastor Nick!) I wasn't in pre-op long at all before they took me back. I remember wheeling in the hall and waking up in post-op. That is all I remember. The first thing I remember in post-op was coughing and them telling me to stop. They ended up giving me morphine to stop the coughing. I was talking with asking how my vitals were since I had issued with them with my septoplasty (08/2007). Everything was perfect....such an answer to prayer.

They got me wheeled into a room so Marshall and Keelan could come see me. We were only in that room maybe a half hour and then I was discharged and sent home. We dropped by CVS to give them my list of rxs. Knowing it would take some time we ended up running by Kroger for a couple of my requests - banana Popsicles and chicken noodle soup. I got my first bout of nausea. :(  Marshall then took me home so he could get my rxs. I ate some soup and got a good nap.

CVS wasn't able to fill my pain med without talking to the Dr. So it was a few hours before I was able to take another dose. I used the lidocaine to numb my throat.  It made me extremely drowsy so I laid back down.  Marshall was then able to get my loratab for me. He then went out to get my miracle mouthwash.

I have another episode of nausea that was worse so I took phenergan and rubbed on DiGize. Hasn't quite helped but is better now. Making sure to staying hydrated. The pain isn't too bad today.....but I am hoping and praying it stays like this. I will stay on top of drinking lots of water, eating protein, pain medication and essential oils.

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