June 07, 2011

Progress and backtracking

I've made minimal progress on packing. Gotten a few more totes (Rubbermaid containers) of stuff packed. Using what we have of those from storing the clothes the boys have outgrown. I'm donating everything they have outgrown or that we don't need. Trying to minimize what we have to move. Even though we're moving to a bigger space, I want it to feel big and not as cluttered. I know that's what Marshall wants too cause he has said it. :)

We've had backtracking on our weight loss efforts. We haven't done so good with eating lately. The biggest problem is my grocery shopping. We haven't had enough in the house so we've been eating out way more than we've needed. That's not good not only on our bodies but also our budget. We're trying to watch the budget good so that we'll be ready to close on the 24th for our new house. We're going to be buying new furniture so we need to have money for that. I'm trying to be budget friendly with that. Luckily with our Team National discounts we'll be able to get very good, well made furniture for major discounts. (For example, the dining table I blogged about before with 6 chairs is less than $500!)

We have also had some problems with the bank that is doing our mortgage....mainly due to not reading Marshall's emails. He's trying to give them everything that they need. It's stressing him out that they're not getting things right. Latest thing is they just found out that every paper has the address spelled wrong...ugh. Please pray for Marshall to get everything straightened out and that we don't have any more problems so that we can get closed on time.

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