June 27, 2011

Making a house a home...

We are almost to moving day. It was supposed to be the past Friday but due to circumstances it was pushed back to this week. We are waiting on last bits of stuff being put together and hope to get a closing date soon! I am so ready to be moved in. We packed up probably at least 85% of our stuff before we found out we wouldn't be closing Friday last week. We've still been able to have fun as a family. My favorite has been the snuggling up on our bed (which is just our mattress and boxspring on the floor - frame is packed on the truck!) and snacking while watching Netflix on my laptop. We've enjoy our share of kids movies with the kids as well as our own movies at night (scary flicks for him and chick flicks for me...hehe). Soon we'll go from small cramped spaces to having plenty of room for everyone. So my next few blogs will be about turning house into a home. Right now the house is very neutral. Carpet is beige as are the walls and ceilings. I can't wait to add color to it. To give it our special family touch. To make it ours. Forever. Or until we move. Not sure I'll ever want to do this again. haha

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