January 23, 2010

Never a dull moment

There is absolutely never a dull moment in our house! Corgan got into something else today. It just happened to be my lipstick this time. I had just left the house to get a latte and head to do some shopping for a birthday gift. Shortly after I got my latte and was heading to Toys R Us I got a phone call. It was Marshall telling me that Corgan had gotten into my lipstick. I immediately asked if he got pictures. He said, "of course!". So here's a little bit of how it happened. Marshall thought Corgan was in his bedroom. He didn't realize that Corgan slipped into the bathroom. When he found him this was the sight.

Then Marshall asked him to show his hands...

So he told him then to put his hands on his face and run them down and got this...

followed shortly by his happy face. I love this face but this just gives it a new meaning.

God, I love this boy! Thank you for blessing me with him in my life. :)

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I luv my Life as a Wife and Mommy said...

HEHE! Super cute! I am sure his future girlfriends will LOVE this too!