October 25, 2009

Finally feeling much better! Still have some sinus drainage and coughing but not as bad as I did. Corgan still has a little bit of a lingering cough....and his eyes are really tired looking but I think he's getting better too. I had a little bout with a blocked milk duct or so this weekend..so I'm working on keeping that clear.

I always thought I'd hate using any formula for Keelan but I'm not totally against it. I'm glad that I'm giving him at least 90% of his food from breastmilk. I've gone longer than I ever did with Corgan. I'm loving every day and every feeding that I'm able to have with him. I'm really going to miss our nursing relationship whenever it ends but I'm hoping it's later than sooner. When asked how long I want to nurse I just say I'm taking it day by day. I want to get to 3 months, 6 months, etc. I don't want to impose goals on myself and then get upset when I don't meet them. So this is my way of attaining my breastfeeding goals. I know in the long run I'd love to make it to 1 year or even 2.

We have found out that Corgan is quite jealous of Keelan. Whenever I am gone and take Keelan with me, Corgan is an angel for Marshall. If I am home or I leave Keelan at home too, Corgan becomes a terror. Not sure what we can do to take care of the situation. Any advice from you been there done that moms?

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Julie said...

With my kids, having them "help" with the baby was always a huge help... When Josh was born, Jared was pretty jealous... Until he got to hold Josh and give him a bottle. Then he was THRILLED... When we added the girls, jealousy wasn't really an issue, because there were other kids around to keep thier attention. *lol*