March 13, 2009

Well, I've added a poll on the right since we're in the final countdown! My big u/s is the 25th at 9:30 am. Please vote and tell me what you think I'm having.

*This is my 2nd pregnancy...first one was with a little boy named Corgan
*I haven't gained anything yet (as of 16 weeks...not sure what I am now) - gained 13 lbs by 28 weeks with Corgan but lost 6 lbs so a total weight gain of 7 lbs with that pregnancy
*I've been nauseated and still am off and on - went away around 13 weeks with Corgan
*I've enjoyed sweets but they make me really nauseated (so I haven't eaten them much) - had to limit them with Corgan due to gestation diabetes
*My uterus is measuring high as of 16 weeks making me measure 2 weeks ahead - I never measured ahead with Corgan until 24 weeks.
*I've had bad headaches
*I've had mommy intuition that this baby is a girl - knew that Corgan was a boy (wonder if we'll be correct this time?!)
*The hair on my legs takes a long time to grow back - it almost immediately grew back right after shaving with Corgan
*My nails are long and BEAUTIFUL! - they were brittle with Corgan
*I had bouts of acid reflux until recently - don't remember any with Corgan
*I felt the baby move at 13 weeks and Marshall could feel the baby at 15 weeks - was 16-17 weeks before I could feel Corgan and even later before Marshall could feel him.

Can't think of any more things that may help you choose...but ask away. So far my blood pressure has only been high once (the day before Maw Maw's funeral - normal given the circumstances) and my blood sugars are good!


Anonymous said...

I had the hair grow super slowly when I pregnant with Chase. Isn't that awesome?

Vicki said...

Im not guessing! everything about my pregnancy with Annalise and Brianna were different. Four girls later......