June 25, 2008

Made a trip to Kroger last night! Here's the rundown:
*2 boxes of Scooby Doo Snacks (used coupon)
*2 bags of Dove Chocolate (used BOGO free coupon)
*1 trial size Gillette Body Wash/Shampoo (FREE with coupon)
*1 tub of Lemon Frosting
*1 box of Cake mix (FREE with coupon)
*1 bottle of Lawry mesquite marinade (FREE with doubled coupon)
*10 cans of Chef Boyardee pastas ($3 off at register and doubled coupon)
*10 containers of Yoplait yogurt (used $1 off coupon)
*1 tub of Mayfield Creamier Ice Cream (used $1 off coupon)

So total with my doubled coupons and automatic savings.
OOP: $22.38
Savings: $21.79

I'm getting better at this!!!

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