June 23, 2008

I did good on Sunday stocking up! I always make a run to Publix on Sundays so that I can use my penny item coupon. They have a coupon in Sunday's paper that is for the penny item of the week when you spend $10. This week it was a bottle of Apple Juice. YUM! Here's what all I got on my trip to Publix this week:
*Penny item - Apple Juice
*Small box of trashbags (since Sams is out of the big box we normally get)
*3 lunchables for Corgan (used $1 off coupon)
*1 large bottle of Kraft Ranch dressing (FREE with my coupon)
*1 tub of Sugar-Free Kool-aid mix
*2 packs of bologna (BOGO FREE)
*4 boxes of cereal (BOGO FREE PLUS one has a rebate on it so I'll almost be getting 4 boxes for the price of 1!)
*1 box of Publix brand crackers that are like Ritz
*1 16 oz pack of cheddar cheese slices (FREE with a coupon)
*2 boxes of pasta (BOGO FREE)
*King size Reeses cups. mmmmmm
*2 loaves of Publix Premium bread

OOP: $31.94
Savings: $25.28 + $1.99 rebate

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