February 01, 2012

It's February!

This is the last month of Groupon sessions. It's been a long busy year. If I can just make it through this month I plan to take a break with the exception of maybe an Easter session with a friend. Course now that I am offering boudoir there has been a bit more contacts. So maybe a week or so break may be all I get. I'm definitely not complaining about being busy. It's just been a bit rough. I've learned a lot about myself and business over the last year. I feel like I've grown big time in both areas. I hope I can continue to grow. I love my job and making people feel good about themselves!

February also means getting taxes done for us. We make it a date to get out just the 2 of us. We go out to eat after. I guess I need to save that as my cheat day cause I'm pretty sure italian isn't quite healthy. :) I look forward to it for sure still. I could go for some good alfredo and bread right about now. Yum. :)

I'm on the hunt for some cute things to do with the boys for Valentine's Day. They love to paint so I'm sure it'll include that for sure. :) Will share their beautiful artwork whatever we decide to do. Will see what we can find on Pinterest for sure.

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