October 25, 2011


I wish I could say that I haven't blogged because there hasn't been anything to write about but that is so far from the truth. It's simply because I've been SOOOOOO busy!! Between photo sessions, editing said photo sessions, working out, and everything with my kids, I am just so busy. So this will be a hodgepodge blog post of everything. So bare with me. :)

Business is still extremely busy from my Groupon deal. With only 4 months left to use the deal I'm sure it's only going to get even busier. I have plenty of pictures from the shoots to finally update my website though...so I'm excited! (http://www.daniellesmithphotography.com) I've met some of the sweetest people doing this. I hope they're loving their images as much as I am taking them.

I have been working out for the last two months at a local fitness studio. I've been taking Zumba classes along with Bodysculpt classes. I've loved how I feel after working out even if sometimes I feel like I'm going to die during. haha I've had lots of comments about my body slimming down....which I LOVE! I've met friends who have encouraged me to push myself even more. The instructors are awesome too! Now I just need to do better at eating better and drinking more water. I know I'll see even more results once we do that.

The boys are getting so big. They're just about wearing the same size. They're only a few pounds and inches apart. They're both getting good with their letters and counting. I can't believe Corgan will start school next year. I'm excited for him though. This will be a good experience for him. He does great listening to someone other than Mommy and Daddy....so I'm sure he'll do great! Keelan sure will miss him. He loves his big brother and tries to do everything that he does. Keelan is a bright little guy. He's been counting almost to 10 since before he even turned 2 in August.

The house isn't really coming along any more as far as decorating. We didn't finish painting. Need to get that done. We haven't bought a rug or table for the foyer just yet. That's on our to do list for sure. We got our new furniture and we love it! It looks so good with the paint color we chose. Need to get some electrical work done and we can put the TV on top of the mantle and free up the TV stand/dresser we're using now. That will probably go in the boys' playroom so they can play games in there. I have so many ideas but not sure when or if they'll ever happen. It'll probably happen just slowly. That's ok with me. :)

Marshall and I are trying to have date nights more often as we can with the budget. We've been using gift cards and coupons to help take out the high costs. I'm hoping we can do it consistently. We really need the time alone. Seems like we don't get to get out just the two of us nearly enough. I would love to have a weekend getaway with just my husband. Hope one day we can do that.

Well, if you've survived my hodgepodge post, thank you! Hope I can get better at this. I know I say it all the time, but I mean it. :)

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Julie said...

Glad things are going so well for you! I know all about being busy! Been there, doing that! *rofl*