June 02, 2011

It's June!

Normally June only means a birthday for Corgan and Father's Day but this year it means moving into our first home. Both Marshall and I almost couldn't sleep last night because we are so excited about the house. I'm sure the next 3 weeks will go so slow. haha Hopefully slow enough to get everything done but not too slow. :)

Corgan has been playing his first season of t-ball this year. He has a makeup game tonight and the last one is on Saturday. He missed out on 3 games due to weather this year. He has really enjoyed playing. He has a fit about it until he sees his coach. Once he sees his coach he's constantly asking him, "Where do you want me to play coach?". I think that is the sweetest thing ever. Makes Marshall and I very proud of him. Corgan has also been taking gymnastics the last 3 weeks. I used a coupon we got in the mail for a month of free classes...so he only has 1 class left. He has really liked it. I think we want to try to get him a few more classes later if we can afford it. :) Corgan will be 4 on June 18th. I think we will go to Chuck E Cheese to play and then CiCis (or the other way around) to eat. We'll have a party for him once we move into the new house so we'll have lots of room to invite friends and family over.

Keelan is my little mockingbird. He is such a jabberjaws and will repeat (or at least try to repeat) everything you say. It's so wild to see how different he is from his brother. He has a big vocabulary and most of his words are very clear to understand. He loves to play in the dirt and get dirty. The boys' bathtub stays covered in dirt and grime from my dirty boys. :) It means they're having fun though so I don't mind. Keelan will be 2 on August 11th. He will definitely be having a Sesame Street party cause he LOVES all of the characters....especially Elmo! (affectionately known as Mo-Mo). We'll probably do a pool party of sorts for him since we'll have a backyard to do it in.

Marshall and I are getting back to exercising and losing weight. When we realized he wouldn't be going overseas we let it go a little. Time to get back on track! We took a walk as a family on Tuesday night regardless of the hot humid temps and it felt so good. I want to get back into doing my Slim in 6....maybe with Zumba classes mixed in either at home or when I can afford to go to classes at Corgan's gym where he takes gymnastics. We will also be getting our treadmill from Marshall's grandma's house since we'll have space for it now.

I think that's the biggest updates about June. I'm hoping to lose almost another 10 lbs this month (or shortly after the month ends).


Vicki said...

pics are ADORABLE!!!! Hugs!

Staci said...

Love the blog :-)