February 04, 2011


Both Corgan and Keelan have made progress in their lives. I'm so proud to be their Mommy. :)

Corgan is 43 months old and has been potty trained almost a year now. I can't believe it's already been a year. It has had ups and down but he's done really well. He's not completely night trained yet but we're trying to work on it. He is recognizing and naming almost all of his ABCs, can count to at least 8 on his own (Hubby says he's heard him count to 15!), and can run all the way around the house kicking the soccer ball (alternating feet) without stopping. We're thinking of putting him in t-ball this summer. He loves sports. He's pretty advanced in motor skills...at least I think so. He can say a lot of different words and talks non-stop. I'm trying to plan his 4th birthday party so I'm sure I'll talk about that pretty often.

Keelan is almost 18 months old now. He can point out his nose, eyes, and ears so far. He knows his hands, arms, feet and legs as well but doesn't point to them yet. He loves to eat and copy his brother. He does more talking than signing...but he can sign more and milk. He has signed please before but doesn't use it regularly. Keelan can say mommy, daddy, bubba, milk, please, thank you, yes sir, no, mine, cookie, cracker, pancake, hey, bye, go, and probably several more. He's a talker. :) He can be quite the little fireball when things don't go his way but we're trying to control that without breaking his spirit. He has a serious love for Elmo so I'm sure that's going to be the theme for his birthday. He loves books. I love seeing him snuggled up with a book...warms my heart.

Things are picking up for my photography business. Have weddings planned, birthday pictures, and more coming soon! I love every aspect of taking pictures. I enjoy capturing the emotions and pleasing each client. I recently had the opportunity to take pictures at a fundraising event for a local church. They did a 50s style musical. It was great! They did a wonderful job putting it together and I was so proud! Will share some of the pics soon....as well as some of the other recent shoots. I'm still an active volunteer with NILMDTS. We're in need of several more volunteers both photographer and assistants. If it looks like something you'd be interested in, please don't hesitate to ask me about it or apply via the website. I think it may possibly be the greatest thing I have ever done...and it's not even for myself. It's bigger than myself. I pray every time that I go to the hospital that God would fill the room with peace in the time of need for the families.

Trying to get my Premier Designs business going off well this year. It's by far the best business I've found as far as what you can make and earn. I'm using the business to give back with fundraisers as well. Jacob's Wings and March for Babies. If you would like to give to either of those you can. There is no requirement that you have to buy jewelry. It's just a way for me to help give back.


Leslie said...

So awesome that everything in your life is so great!!! God is good ALL THE TIME!!!

Julie said...

Glad that everything is going so well! ... I can't believe that Corgan is almost 4?!?! Where does time go? When I met you, you were still single!