January 07, 2010

I apologize for my slacking on the 365 challenge. I did take a picture day 2 but I've slacked since then. I took a few pictures today as well since we had some snow.

Speaking of snow...it's very uncommon here in Alabama so when they talk about it people go crazy. This time though I think they went even more overboard. While we were out and about running errands yesterday I heard of several schools already closing for today. This was at around 2 pm! The snow hadn't even started. It didn't start till about 8 this morning. So some schools were open till 11:30. I didn't even get out in it at all cause I can't stand the bad drivers here when the weather is questionable. Marshall did have to go into work but he got off at 1 pm. They closed the main road to our house right at that same time. However for some reason they didn't talk about it on the radio so he didn't know and had to take a different way home. It took him an hour to get home with what should've only taken about 15-20 mins. Glad he made it home safely though. Not sure of the accumulation we got but it wasn't much at all. Just enough to give a good covering. Corgan had a good time in it but not for long. He ended up having a meltdown. I think it was because his hands were cold. That and Daddy wanted to take his picture and he wanted me to do it. Silly boy! I'll get the pictures taken off after the National Championship game to share.

Gotta let Marshall use the computer so I'm off now! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

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