November 13, 2008

At playgroup today we had our attachment parenting topic which was toddlers and nutrition. I really needed to get help from other moms with ideas for nutrition for Corgan. It's gotten rather hard pleasing him to eat. There was lots of talk about eating organic. I've always wanted to eat more organic but was convinced it was too expensive. So when I got home I did a search on eating organic frugally. I was convinced there's a way to make it happen. I came across several articles on by Erin Huffstetler. She has a page on organic coupons. I plan on printing out several of those.

I'm sharing next week at playgroup on saving money and using coupons. I'll share The Couponizer system as well. I am going to start working on handouts to share as well. I don't want to overwhelm the ladies since it's a playdate as well and our kids will have most of our attention.


Rachel said...

I'm going to have to look at those articles; I'd love to go organic but right now , I can't afford it.

The Arnold Family said...

cool! I'll check it out.