October 19, 2008

Ok, so Wendy tagged me so it's time for me to respond. I'm still feeling tired from vacation...so bare with me.

1. I'm a total pack rat. Pair that with hating to clean and it's not a pretty picture. I still clean though....to make for a happy husband.

2. I love getting handwritten letters and cards but I don't send them myself.

3. Whenever my nails are long I constantly press them against my lips to see how far it goes.

4. I almost constantly have an ulcer on my ear. It's rather uncomfortable sometimes.

5. I hate buying groceries without a sale or coupons.

6. I play with my son's toys when he sleeps.

7. I love to sew.

I tag Florabeth, Wen, Samantha, Emily, Julie, April, and Lori.


The Arnold Family said...

Cute! Glad you had a good time in the Smokies. Any more pics? I can't wait to go. We head the weekend after Nayah's bday.

Anonymous said...

I hate to buy anything without coupons or on sale now too! It is just too painful. :-)
Glad you had a wonderful trip. Blessings to you!